Why we do this…

We have two goals in mind with the Brazilian Day Festival.  The first is to bring the culture and food of Brazil to our community.  At the Festival you will get a small taste of Brazil from the music, the presentations and of course the wonderful food!  Be sure to try some famous Brazilian barbecue or one of the many Brazilian desserts available.

But there is another important reason we do this festival. Since its inception, the festival has been a vehicle to raise money for missions and humanitarian projects.  The very first festival was organized to raise money for an orphanage in Zambia.  The orphanage was in a building project and all of the money raised at the festival was used to support construction of new buildings for the kids.

Orphanage in Zambia
Pastor Joe in Anápolis, Brazil

In subsequent years most of the money raised by the festival has gone to projects outside of the church. In 2017 Horizon Church supported a mission in Anápolis, Brazil that specializes in reaching a very poor segment of the population. This mission outreach was vital for the community and children.  In fact, the pastor of Horizon Church had previously been to this city to meet with and minister to the people there.

In that same year we also sent one of our children’s workers with a team to Cuba to provide vacation bible school for kids.  Hundreds of children and their families were ministered to in an impoverished area of the country.  Without the help of this team it would have been impossible for these kids to have the same kind of VBS that children in the United States get to enjoy.

So when you come to the festival and enjoy the music and food, just remember that you are also supporting people around the world who need our support.  We are making a difference – one life at a time.

VBS in Cuba